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Winter on the Harbour. The pace slows. Shadows lengthen. Rhythm and currents are more marked, layers exposed.

This is my favourite time to paint and write.


Unfold (study)

oil on paper

My working practice often  involves many words in my sketch book - they are a way of focusing. Sometimes these become verses or poems.

Rarely are they directly related to a piece of work though they will share a mood or phrase.


Blue Drift

Charcoal and pastel on paper



Oil on paper

Walking at sunset


Burnished reedbeds all aglow

Mellow light afterglow


Distant Downs fast receding

Dew is falling, sounds deepening


Seabreeze slackens to a mumble

Creatures settle, mutter, grumble


Bats are hunting in the hedgerow

Silent owl leaves a shadow


Homeward bound a distance travelled

Our day is done theirs to follow

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